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Unique Finds and the Inspiring Stories of the People Behind

Copyright: kwaw
Copyright: kwaw

Welcome to « know what and where .com », the highly selective web directory featuring unique finds worldwide and the inspiring stories of the people behind.

You look for great discoveries - we spend the time finding them!


Inspirational finds worldwide - each of them a testimony to a successful transformational change of the people behind who dared to make a new beginning in their careers.


Because even in turbulent economic times you need to find a little something from time to time to treat yourself or someone you love.

But you might as well want to get inspired by some real success stories of young entrepreneurship at its best and just maybe even decide to start your own little success story?

Therefore the subjective selection of unique finds and the inspiring stories of the people behind.


Each of our eight sections and their respective sub-sections features unique brands and young entrepreneurs' business success stories that we found particularly inspiring.

In addition, we provide rolling clips and lists pointing out books and other items that relate to the featured finds.

So go and have a look to see what we have selected so far. Hopefully you will get inspired in one way or another.

Where to start?

Just come on in – hang out - browse around – feel at ease – be informed – get inspired – check out why our « picks » are different and decide for yourself.

What are you waiting for?  Just click on one of the above categories in the green navigation bar at the very top or one of the links hereafter to get started: food and drink, lifestyle accessories, new fashion brands for women, charity gifts, travel inspiration, beauty and wellness products, young entrepreneurs success stories and unique finds by location.

We are currently working on some changes and some exciting things are about to happen. If you want to be among the first to know, please drop us a  note - we love to hear from you!

And, please don't forget to take our quick online survey. Thank you.

Talk to you soon!

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